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Are you looking for trendy fashion products? Would you like to have a unique accessory for yourself? Or are you working as a fashion agent, wholesaler or brand owner and you don’t want to spend all your time on traveling and visiting fairs? 

My name is Lisa van der Mije, owner of

 I am trendwatcher and product developer. I forecast trends and I develop customized products. Whether it’s about shoes, accessories or lifestyle products, I like to surprise my clients with unique and remarkable products, which match the clients brand and the trend of the moment. More info about my experience and my vast international network? Please click here 


To consumers I sell accessories and lifestyle products through my shop. 

LiNS is the chain between you and your wardrobe. Curious?






I gather inspiration and trends all over the world. Sometimes a trend is clearly visible in material, on prints, on trade fairs, on social media or just on the street. Often though is ‘seeing a trend’ a feeling which I get by using my senses and constantly having an eye for the ‘new and unexpected’.

Some trends are such widely applicable trends that I put them in the spotlight with LiNS or make them available in my own LiNS web shop. Accessories and bijoux can be presented on NET-ECHT concrete look tables. Or as labeling for our shoe’s collections. 

No matter how they are used, they always are lifestyle products for people that have the courage to be challenging different.


  Designlabel Net-Echt  


The unique furniture from design label NET-ECHT look like they are made of industrial concrete. Erwin van Duijnhoven is the creative master behind your unique customized furniture. Furniture by NET-ECHT is handmade in the Netherlands, light weight and extremely lasting. The concrete look fits very well in high-end interiors and business projects. The NET-ECHT furniture is easy to clean and weatherproof and therefor ideal for gardens and outdoor living on Ibiza where LiNS is often found for NET-ECHT projects. Contact LiNS for your own unique controversial furniture or interior project.

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