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  Lins Amsterdam

Are you looking for trendy fashion products? Are you looking for a unique accessory for your brand or company? Or are you a fashion agent, wholesaler or brand owner and don't always want to travel or source?

My name is Lisa van der Mije, owner of Lins Amsterdam.

I am a trend watcher, stylist and fashion product developer. I bring trends to you and develop them into concrete products. Whether it is shoes, accessories or lifestyle products, I like to surprise my customers with unique and remarkable products that match the customer's brand and the trend of the moment.


Would you like to know more about my experience and my international network?

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I spot inspiration and trends all over the world. Sometimes a trend is clearly present in materials or prints, at trade fairs or on the street and on social media. But often 'seeing a trend' is mainly a feeling, using your senses and constantly having a keen eye for 'new' and 'unexpected'.

Some trends can be applied so widely that I put them in the spotlight at Lins Amsterdam and they are even available in my own Lins shop and via wholesale. Lins Amsterdam also thinks about multi-functional application and sustainability, thereby creating a greater sense of value for the product.

Or as labeling for shoe collections. They are always lifestyle products for people who have the courage to be challengingly different.

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my name is Lisa van der Mije and I am the founder of Lins Amsterdam. I have been a trend watcher, stylist and accessory product developer for 20 years now and predict trends at an early stage. This ability and passion ensured that I started my own accessory brand Lins Amsterdam in 2020.

At Lins everything is about being unique and customization. That starts with a strong sense of trends and creativity. That feeling may be in my genes, because I was able to work with a surprisingly creative father, who has developed shoe collections all his life. You could say I was born in a shoebox -;).

I attach great importance to transparency, good quality, reliable factories and providing extra service through personal contact.

At Lins Amsterdam everything revolves around teamwork. With a great team spread across Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt and Taiwan, we jointly pursue the goal of developing unique products and labels.

We look forward to developing this goal together with you.

For questions, wholesale or private label projects, please contact:

Best, Lisa






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Lins is specialized in five unmistakable and challenging aspects of shoe marketing.

TRENDWATCHING: We know what is ‘hot and happening’. We travel the world for that, including material markets in China to look for creative details for shoes.

SOURCING: Sourcing is all about customized products, packaging and labels. We work closely with various factories in Asia and Europe. We think along with the client, create solutions and mediate in purchasing and production.

RETAIL: We advise the client in pricing, optimize profits as well as in purchasing. We guide omnichannel, stock turnover. P.O.S. systems and marketing with expertise in every detail.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: We are your partner in design, development and production of private- or brand labels as well as matching creating unique concepts in all price segments.

COACHING: Coaching is very essential. We provide purchase- and sales training. We are your sounding board in developing collections. We also teach increasement of customer loyalty.