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During my long flight I have seen an awesome documentary by Iris Apfel. She really has her own style and the travels to all corners of the world and all sortsof trade fairs in search of inspiration. She also works on interior projects. She even created her own fabric prints. Collector items from over the world are stored in her dusty storage.

She is not afraid to combine, and she does not like it if it looks like a ‘set’. She is a sympathetic human being who likes to inspire the youth by learning them to look at the world rather than at their smartphones.


To source new materials, accessories and ornaments I am traveling to the material market in Guangzhou in China. Here you will find all kinds of little shops in one big building, divided by category. Here you can wander for hours! A good preparation saves me plenty of time and enables me to search more direct. Sometimes I discover unexpected trends which I take with me to develop and sell via my shop.


LiNS stands for LIFESTYLE products, NET-ECHT concrete look furniture and SHOESTUDIO.

The core values of LiNS is all about being unique and customization. It all starts with my strong sense for trends and creativity. It is in the genes, as I had the great privilege to start my career working with my very creative father, who developed shoe collections throughout his whole life. You could say, I was born in a shoe box -;).

I have over 20 years' experience through which I have gained in-dept knowledge and build a substantial network. I work closely with a fantastic team of specialists all with their own great expertise. All these characteristics form essential links to be able to score every day.

In Interior Erwin van Duijnhoven is a great inspirator for me. He designs the most beautiful NET-ECHT furniture pieces and is a real perfectionist. Danny Andriesse inspires me in sales and marketing and provides me self-confidence. Being on Ibiza with the NET-ECHT team is one big inspiration, development and deepening experience.


In field of shoes my father is my inspirator. Axel Kiedaisch is my creative, business partner and a true shoe master.

I get inspired in the streets of big cities and high-end labels who are progressive.


Social media and fashion magazines are also a great source for inspiration regarding lifestyle, interior and shoes.



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